9:30′ by Imperial April Premieres on Radio Hauraki

Victoria caught up with Greg Prebble for Off The Record on Radio Hauraki. Listen back at the premiere of ‘9:30’, and their chat about the song, Go Live Festival, Jordan Luck, Emma Dilemma, and sharing the stage with stellar*

Everything is Okay by Imperial April takes the number one spot on the Te Ahi Top 10 on RDU

Sam Dunlay caught up with the band’s singer to talk about the song, the Christchurch music scene, songwriting and production processes and what’s coming up for Imperial April. Read the interview here.


The Revue on Imperial April – “9:30” (Christchurch, New Zealand)

Those familiar with the New Zealand scene know that Victoria and Andy Knopp perform as The Response, and often the latter provides lead vocals. Victoria, meanwhile, has her “own project” – or at least one that she’s clearly the front-person. It is cleverly titled Imperial April, which offers all sorts of images. You might picture an Admiral leading an armada into a battle, a revolutionary leader, or a person ready to take on the world. All these images depict a confident individual who understands it’s her responsibility to take control of her life to effect change. This is what Victoria does on “9:30”.

This catchy guitar-pop tune is the perfect wake-up call, as it immediately gets the blood flowing and the synapses firing. As Andy’s guitar rings in the background and the rhythms bust a groove like a great Handsome Furs’ anthem, Victoria’s bubbly voice shines through. Her lyrics at first are full of doubt, as she openly admits she does not know what to do and is stuck in neutral. Eventually, she finds her footing with the help of a sympathetic ear. Isn’t that something or someone we all wish we had in our lives?

RIYL: Alex Lahey, Handsome Furs, Stars

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